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7 Things I’ve Learned About BJJ From Joe Rogan

Tips from Joe Rogan…

On Learning New Techniques

When people begin training BJJ, they want to learn everything at once. I remember being overwhelmed by how much I didn’t know. Rather than focusing on learning one thing at a time, I jumped from one technique to the next, never learning perfect technique for anything and never trying to understand the underlying principles of jiu jitsu.

BJJ black belt Jean Jacques Machado explained that you don’t do jiu jitsu, you feel jiu jitsu and the more you learn, the less you use. But in order to use less, you have to learn more. What? Machado was actually a guest on the Eddie Bravo podcast, but I included this one because it was filmed in Joe Rogan’s studio and because Eddie Bravo and Jean Jacques are awesome.


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7 Things I’ve Learned About BJJ From Joe Rogan

Recently, I’ve enjoyed hearing Joe talk about strength and conditioning for jiu jitsu, learning new techniques, and training while injured.


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